"Who Wants To Be the Most Important Georgian?"

presented by The Savannah Community Theatre

Written By Carmel Garvin Hearn, Directed By Tom Coleman, III

Learn a lesson in Georgia History while having a lot of fun, and best of all – you get to participate! Georgia’s founding father, General James Oglethorpe, is putting together an historical “Who’s Who” list and he needs your help! Test your knowledge of Georgia’s history in this educational, fun-filled TV-game-show. This is an inspired romp through the pages of our State’s past as presented by Oglethorpe, his assistants and YOUR STUDENTS. Students are given 15 fun facts about Georgia in each of three rounds, and then awarded points for the “teams” of audience members who can remember the most information. Don’t be surprised at some of the characters you might meet along the way!

Appropriate Age Levels
There are three versions of Who Wants To Be The Most Important Georgian? You can make your own decision as to the division of grades, but we recommend the Junior Version for Grades K-2, and the more challenging History Version for Grades 3-4-5. Then there is the Advanced Version for Grades 6-7-8. The show plays comfortably to small groups as well as groups of up to 300.

General James Oglethorpe plays the role of game show host to the assembled “Contestants.” He is dressed in colonial attire and his demeanor is that of an old world Brit and a stereotypical game show host.

Twelve of your students are pre-selected to play historical characters who appear as game-show contestants – reading from index cards - in groups of three. EXAMPLES include:

  • Tomochichi, Mary Musgrove, Button Gwinnett (Colonial period)
  • William Washington Gordon, Eli Whitney, Mary Telfair (Antebellum period)
  • Juliette Gordon Lowe, Martin Luther King, Jimmy Carter (Humanitarians)
  • Clarence Thomas, Margaret Mitchell, Vince Dooley (Potpourri)
A panel of three of your students will act as “Applause-O-Meters” and hold cue cards while the audience sings. The rest of your students will participate from the audience as teams. They will be divided into three groups.

Sets & Props
“Who Wants To Be The Most Important Georgian” travels to your school with very minimal set pieces and props. Any gym, meeting room or classroom will accommodate this show.

General Oglethorpe appears in a full colonial British general’s uniform. His assistants appear in period clothing. Your students will wear their own street clothes, and will add costume pieces that “suggest” their characters. For example, Head Pieces and tunics where one size fits all.

Depending on the size of your group we will use a wireless microphone for General Oglethorpe. A handheld microphone will be used for the contestants so they can be heard. We will also use a CD player for the music of the game show. All of the equipment is provided by The Savannah Theatre Company unless your system might be more appropriate.

General room lighting is all that is required.

The minimum travel fee is a base price of $350.00. This fee covers 1 to 100 students. After the first 100 students, there is an additional fee of $3.00 per student. A $100.00 deposit is requested within 7 days of booking. The remainder can be paid the week of the scheduled performance.

Tour Dates
Who Wants To Be The Most Important Georgian? is currently booking and can be reserved through the winter of 2010. Performance times can be arranged. We are available Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays – mornings or afternoons! We arrive at your location 45 minutes before the show. No set up is required. A place for the performers to change costumes is requested.

Call 912-247-4644 any time – day or night – and leave a message. We have someone answering the phone between 10 AM and 6 PM Monday through Friday.

Thank you for your reading this information on Who Wants To Be The Most Important Georgian? We know it will be a great experience for you and your students. If you have any questions at all, please give us a call. We look forward to hearing from you.